University Place School District

Health Requirements


Annual Health Required Form

·      Each year you will receive a NEW STUDENT MEDICAL ALERT FORM  (green)  to fill out which provides the necessary medical information the school  nurse  needs  to know  if  your child has a health condition in which  she/he  will receive medications at school.  You will need to provide that to the school nurse prior to the first day of school.


·            Washington State RCW 28A.210.320 mandates that students with Life Threatening Health  Conditions have Emergency Care Plans  in place prior to first day of attendance. The ECP includes medical information from you and your child's  doctor, current Drs. orders  and a plan of care for while  student is at school.  If your child has a Life Threatening Condition you will need to meet with the District School Nurse PRIOR  to your child  being  admitted into school so that we can  develop the ECP and make sure medications and supplies needed are in the school when your child arrives.


Medication:  If it becomes necessary for a student to take any form of medication at school, according to state law, the following must be on file in the health room:


·         A Drs. order with Parent Request for Giving Oral Medication at School form must be completed and signed by both parent and physician and be on file in the school health center.

·         All medication and medical information should  be given  to the school  nurse  at Registration and as necessary throughout the school  year.

·         ALL INHALERS & EPI-PENS must  be in place  at the school prior to the first day of attendance. NO EXCEPTIONS due to child safety.

·         All medication, with the dosage and the physician's name, must be brought to school in the original prescription bottle by an adult.  This also includes over the counter  medication .

·         It is a violation of state law for students to be in possession of any over-the-counter or prescription medication at school.  Students in possession of medication of any kind may be subject to disciplinary consequences.


Immunization:  Students are required to have current immunizations

Up to date and current immunization records must be provided for students to be enrolled. University Place students must present evidence of immunity to all required Immunizations for  public  school attendance as listed by the Washington State Department of Health and Tacoma Pierce County Health  Department per age and grade level.  This list can be found at Parent/Student resources/Immunizations.


·         Students who do not have immunizations in compliance with State law WILL BE allowed to TEMPORARILY ATTEND SCHOOL FOR 30 DAYS ON THE CONDITION YOU WILL PROVIDE US WITH YOUR CHILDS COMPLIANT IMMUNIZATION   RECORD This must show that your child has received the missing vaccines or a Certificate of Exemption signed by your child's Health Care Provider or your Religious leader. If you do not provide this information by the deadline your child will be EXCLUDED FROM SCHOOL.

Health Room Procedures:

A Nurse or a trained Health Para-professional is present every day in our health room.  We request that students follow the following procedures if they wish to be seen in our Health Room.

·         Students must report to class at the beginning of the school day. Students should not go directly to the health room unless there is a serious emergency.

·         All students must have a pass to enter the Health Room.

·         If your child is diagnosed with a communicable disease you will need to provide the school/school nurse with a copy of the Drs. written diagnosis and note as to when it is safe for return to school.

·         If your child is injured or has had surgery please provide the school nurse with Drs. orders when returning your child to school so that we can make any needed accommodations.



·         In the event your child becomes ill or is injured at school, we will call the parent, guardian or the person listed on the student emergency record. If we are unable to reach someone, the student will be retained in the health room for short period of time, if warranted 911 emergency services will be called to assess and transport to nearest hospital.

·         For your child's protection as well as other children in school, please keep students home for 24 hours after a fever has returned to normal.  Do not send child to school having given a fever reducing medication.