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Calendar for 2013 - 2014

 2013 / 2014
Key Dates 2013 / 2014:
September 2, 2013 Labor Day

September 3, 2013First Day of School
November 11, 2013Veterans' Day - no school
November 21-27, 2013Conferences Early release P-7 
November 28-29, 2013Thanksgiving Vacation
December 23, 2013 - January 3, 2014 Winter Vacation
January 20, 2014M. L. King Jr. Day no school
January 22-24, 2014Early release grades 8-12
February 17, 2014Presidents Day - no school
February 18-21, 2014Mid Winter Break - no school
April 14-18, 2014Spring Vacation
May 23, 2014Snow makeup day
May 26, 2014Memorial Day - no school
 June 13, 2014                    Curtis High School graduation
 June 17, 2014Last Day of School

How the School Calendar is Determined

The school calendar is a "mandatory subject to bargaining", which means that it must be negotiated with our employees as a matter of Washington law. There is a basic ‘formula’ for development of the calendar from year-to-year included in the collective bargaining agreement between UPSD and UPEA. However, the calendar is subject to adjustment in any given year to address particular circumstances. The calendar may also be adjusted during the school year due to snow days or other unanticipated events.


The student calendar is developed using the following formulas:


A. Start Day - Tuesday after Labor Day

B. The day before Thanksgiving shall be an early release day

C. Winter Break - the number of variables present in calculating Winter Break prohibits the application of a workable formula. Therefore, Winter Break will be established annually           through the bargaining process. Winter break shall be a minimum of ten (10) days.

D. The day before winter break shall be a one-half (½) day for students

E. Mid Winter Break - Full week after President's Day (President's Day + Tuesday - Friday)

F.  Spring Break –3rd week in April.

G. Snow Day –Second Semester, Friday before Memorial Day; Any additional snow days will be     added to the end of the school year unless a waiver is granted by the OSPI.


The 2014-15 calendar represents a variance to the calendar formula. In June of 2015, the USGA US Open Championship golf tournament is being held at Chambers Bay in University Place. The tournament starts on June 15th. As a result of this significant event being held in the community, the University Place School District and the University Place Education Association determined that it would be best for our students and staff to complete the school year prior to the start of the tournament. In order to accomplish this the following modifications were made to the calendar formula:

            1. Start Day – Prior to Labor Day = school will start on Wednesday, August 27th, 2014.

We welcome your comments and questions about the calendar; please e-mail or call Susan French, Human Resources Assistant, at or 253-566-5600.