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    Suzanne Vick
    UPSD Athletic Director
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    Shelly Nyegaard
    My name is Suzanne Vick and I am thrilled to serve you as the athletic director at Curtis High School.  I look forward to connecting with each of you! The lessons learned through athletics are essential to every young person's success.  Through athletics we learn to win, lose, trust, disappoint, persevere, dig deeper, defer, celebrate, listen, sacrifice, and commit, along with many more.

    Our coaches love what they do and work extremely hard preparing to serve our student-athletes.  We are committed to competing with integrity, offering the best instruction, over-communicating, and providing a positive experience.

    It is my goal that every student-athlete is a better competitor through his or her experience at Curtis High School, as well as a better student, son/daughter, community member and person.

    We need you!  My hope is every family and fan will partner with us to positively encourage and support all of our Curtis High School sports, athletes and coaches.

    About five years ago, I read an article written by student leadership development expert, Tim Elmore.  As a parent of athletes myself, I have tried to adopt his philosophy regarding parent communication through competition.

    What athletes need to hear from their supporters before competition:

    Have Fun - Play Hard - I Love You

    What athletes need to hear from their supporters after competition:

    Did You Have Fun? - I’m Proud of You - I Love You

    It gets even better.  Researchers asked collegiate athletes what their parents said that made them feel great and brought them joy when they played sports.  Want to know the six words they most want to hear their parents say?

    I Love To Watch You Play

    I look forward to partnering with you, our athletes and our coaches to make this the best year ever!

    GO VIKS!

    Suzanne Vick
    Athletic Director
    University Place School District

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