• Athletic Department 
    Viking Head
    Terry Jenks
    UPSD Athletic Director
    Athletic Secretary:
    Shelly Nyegaard
    Hey Viking Family, Friends, and Fans,


    In May 2000, I jumped at the chance to return to my alma mater and give back to a school and community that had given me so much. As a Viking student athlete 1980-83, I was molded by many "Hall of Fame" coaches. It is not difficult to connect personal and professional successes  with specific moments from my athletic experiences in University Place. The University Place School District is blessed to have such a strong legacy for our current and future student athletes. 
    It is fun to see our University Place community come together at our CHS sporting events. The student athletes and coaches appreciate your support and the excitement that is generated from our spirited fans. 
    Join our students and staff in accomplishing the SPSL objective of promoting good sportsmanship and our CHS Motto: Be Nice, Work Hard. Our commitment to the "Just Play Fair" sportsmanship program and our league serves to remind us that one of the most important goals of high school athletics is learning lifelong values. Sportsmanship is one such value that extends the lessons of the classroom to our extra-curricular activities. Everyone has the responsibility to conduct themselves in a manner where our events are enjoyable for all participants and spectators.


    GO VIKS!


    Terry Jenks

    University Place School District Athletic/Activity Director