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    Mrs. Reed just finished reading:

    Once and for All by Sarah Dessen

    My rating: 5 Stars 😊

    “So many things we ask for, hope for, prayers put into a world so wide: there was no way they could all be answered. But you had to keep asking. If you didn’t, nothing even had a chance of coming true.”

    Louna, in the summer before she leaves for college, learns to embrace second chances. Set amid the chaos of the wedding planning business, Louna struggles through grief while learning to value kindness, humor, and the possibility that happy-ever-after just might be possible. If you enjoy realistic fiction about relationships and overcoming adversity, you will want to read this book!


    Have you finished a book you really enjoy? If so, tell me about it. My email is sreed@upsd.wednet.edu


    The CJH Summer Reading Program is easy and fun. Simply record the number of minutes you read each day on the Reading Record provided by CJH. All students reading 1,400 or more minutes will be eligible for prizes, a party, extra credit in English, and a certificate for senior portfolios. Most importantly, students reading each day will maintain their reading skills over the summer.

    Did you know:

    •  By reading four or more books over the summer, kids can avoid the “summer slide” or gap in academic skills when they return in the fall
    • According to a Scholastic survey, 91 percent of kids are more likely to finish books they choose themselves
    • Kids who read a million words (about 25 average-length novels) a year, score in the top 2 percent on standardized tests
    • Kids learn 4,000 – 12,000 words every year…three months without books can make a huge difference in vocabularies and test scores
                                     (Source: Scholastic Instructor, Summer 2011)

    So grab a Reading Record from your English teacher, the office, the library, or the CJH website (see the link below), then pick up a book and read!

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    Welcome to Curtis Jr. High School Library!
    Our library has a commitment to five goals:
    • To provide the best resources possible to support Curtis students with their studies.
    • To instill a love of reading by ensuring that a carefully-selected collection of books is available with 'something for everyone' and to market the collection in creative, student-friendly, and engaging ways.
    • To instruct students in information literacy enabling them to recognize when information is needed and to develop the skills to locate, evaluate, and effectively use/present the needed information.
    • To provide curriculum support to teachers and staff.
    • To provide an engaging, comfortable, multipurpose library space to enhance the learning and social experiences of our students.