Paying Student Fees or Fines

UPSD uses Touchbase to give parents/guardians an opportunity to pay student fees or fines online with a credit card. Adding money to a lunch account is done in Family Access, click here to make a lunch payment.

What you need to know to pay fees or fines with Touchbase:
  • This system uses a different user name and password than Family Access. However, you can find this information within Family Access. To do this:
    1. Log in to Family Access
    2. Select the Report Cards/ Report Directory application on the left
    3. Click on any of the Fines & Fees System Login Info link to view your login info
    4. Select the District Link, (top right corner) for Fines & Fees to open a new window with the Login screen
  • If you log in as a guest, you will not see fees or fines associated with your student. Guests may purchase generic items such as Athletic Passes, Transcripts for previous students, or donations. 
  • If a student has open fees or fines they must be paid before other items can be purchased.  
  • A small convenience fee will be charged at check out.
Step by Step Instructions for Touchbase:
  1. Log in to Touchbase

    • All students within your family should be listed.  If not, please contact the missing student's school.

  2. Click on the student's name link

    • If an open fine or fee exists, a red message will appear

  3. Using the links on the right side of the screen; select either

    • "View open fines/fees" (All fines must be paid before other items may be purchased)

      1. To pay, check the box(es)

      2. Click the Pay button at the bottom of the screen

      3. Select "Checkout" and follow the prompts
    •  "Products at student's school" (Continue to click links until items appear)

      1. Adjust the item quantity as desired

      2. Click Add; you may add as many items as desired.  To shop for a different student, click the"Your Family" link at the top of the screen and select a new student name link.

      3. Select "Checkout" and follow the prompts