• Nighthawk Superstars

    Throughout the month staff members at NVI recognize students for modeling our "Three B's" - Respectfulness, Responsibility, and Safety.  Students recognized by a staff member receive a ticket to turn in to the office.  Four names from each grade level are drawn at the end of each month to receive a prize.  In  addition, we post the pictures of the monthly winners.  The names of all students who receive a ticket are displayed in the hallway and each student receives a certificate. Students can also earn cumulative rewards for receiving multiple tickets throughout the year.

    September's Winners

    5th Grade: Paige Dolan, Julia Sandusky, Kazmir Kindilovski, Liza Shvetc

    6th Grade: Michael Quintana, Nash Darley, Caleb Gruener

    7th Grade:  Lily McKay, Jack Hassing,  Julian Valencia, Savanah Romain