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    What are the Common Core Math Connections and the Math: Getting It Projects?

    The Common Core Math Connections Project  (2012-2015) is a professional development program for grades K-5 teachers that intends to significantly improve student understanding of key foundational math concepts underlying the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Content (CCSSM).

     The University Place School District (University Place, Wa.), in partnership with Seattle Pacific University (Seattle, Wa.) and Fife School District (Tacoma, Wa.), will manage the grant, which funds three years of intensive summer institutes and follow-up training for 120 teachers, as well as the development and implementation of classroom resources and materials. The project will extend ongoing work both districts initiated in 2009 as part of a prior MSP grant, The Math: Getting It Project.  Resources created for both projects will be designed for use in conjunction with any school or district’s existing mathematics curricula, and all Washington State educators will eventually have access to these resources through Washington State’s Open Education Resource website.

    The Math: Getting It Project (2009-2012) was a partnership of three Pierce County school districts (University Place School District, Peninsula School District, and Fife School District) two universities (University of Washington/Tacoma and Seattle University ) and the Pierce County Staff Development Consortium, who had a common goal of improving mathematics education for all students.

    Why do students stop getting it?
    Both The Common Core Math Connections Project and the Math: Getting It Project addressed a troubling problem in mathematics education:  Students frequently do not ‘get it’ when they progress beyond 4th grade into fraction concepts, and later when they reach pre-algebra and higher mathematics courses. 
    Why? Compelling research points to the persistent absence of
    circlesinstructional strategies designed to deeply embed core mathematical structures in student thinking, primarily when students first learn fractions but also throughout K-12 math learning programs. These strategies, however, are crucial to the improvement of math achievement at every level.
    Research shows that when students use fraction circles  (pictured at left) and other math manipulatives to learn fraction concepts, math achievement improves
    The overarching goal of this project, which is to improve student achievement in mathematics, will be met when we address the Getting It problem by:

    ·         improving teacher content knowledge

    ·         implementing instructional strategies designed to deeply embed core mathematical structures in student thinking

    ·         improving teacher and principal understanding of how students learn mathematics
    ·        improving teachers’ understanding of how students think about mathematics
    ·         increasing productive principal-teacher and teacher-teacher dialogue about mathematical content and effective instructional strategies

    Common Core Math Connections and Math: Getting It Project Partners
    University Place School District
    Seattle Pacific University 

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