• UPSD Professional Development Overview

     professional learning
    The UPSD Teaching and Learning Department provides ongoing professional development in areas such as effective instruction, curriculum development, strengthening of content knowledge, and assessment practices.
    The chart below outlines some of the major initiatives the Teaching and Learning Department currently supports.  Opportunities are available to meet the needs of  teachers at various stages in their teaching careers (pre-service/intern, early service, master teachers). In addition, The Teaching and Learning Department supports job-embedded, building based professional learning communities, and works to ensure that all UPSD professional learning is classroom-connected, collaborative, data-driven, research-based, and reflective.
    If you have questions about professional development, feel free to send me an email afranklin@upsd83.org or give me a call (253-566-5600 ext. 3330).
    Angie Franklin
    Assistant Director for Teaching and Learning
    Please note: Some resources on these pages are only visible and available to UPSD staff


    Professional Development Major Support Programs
    Clock Hour Courses

    To support professional development in-district clock hour courses are offered on an ongoing basis.  Available courses are shared through district email.  If you have questions about clock hours, please contact Jody Johnson.

    Jody Johnson
    T and L Secretary
    253-566-5600 x3338
    Building Mentors/In-Time Trainers



    The Building Mentor/In Time Trainer program includes 1st year teachers, teachers new to building, and others seeking support for further development of effective instructional strategies.

    Angie Franklin
    Assistant Director
    253-566-5600 x3330


    The district works in conjunction with Seattle Pacific University to support in-district cohorts as qualifying teachers work to complete the Pro-Teach Assessment.

    Angie Franklin
    Pro Teach Contact
    National Boards


    The district is not currently supporting an in-district National Board cohort.  If you have questions about National Board, please contact the Teaching and Learning Department.
     Angie Franklin
    253-566-5600 ext. 3330