• Professional Practice Standards



    The hallmark of a profession is a set of public standards that both describe and guide its work.


    For the past several years, educators throughout the district have been studying recent research literature on effective schooling practices that can have a powerful, positive impact on student learning, including practices at the district, school, and teacher levels.


    Beginning in February 2005, a team of 18 UPSD educators studied, analyzed and synthesized the recent research literature on effective teaching to develop a set of Professional Practice Standards for Teaching, which now guide professional learning in the district.  These standards are based on widely respected research literature and offer growth opportunities to all educators in the district. See Tips for Using the Professional Practice Standards and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


    As you peruse these standards, you will see that the PPS team organized teacher practices into four categories: 
    Each category includes several standards elaborated by descriptors.  Educators will also find links to supporting resources for several of the standards, resources that will be continually updated and expanded in the coming months and years. Users of this work will undoubtedly be interested in a deeper understanding of the standards and the research supporting them, so we have included a References and Additional Resources page, as well.
    The intent of the UPSD Professional Practice Standards is to guide professional learning throughout the district, so UPSD educators can expect to be provided a variety of professional learning opportunities designed to support them in further developing their knowledge and skills in relation to the UPSD Professional Practice Standards, as illustrated in the UPSD Model of Teacher Professional Development.

    Work on implementing the UPSD Professional Practice Standards continues. This work is two-fold: first, to deeply establish our common language, and second, to develop powerful professional development opportunities, based on this foundation, which will ensure the highest quality teaching and learning in our schools.