Guidance and Counseling Department 
    Barnaby Fletcher
    Counselor for Students (A-G)
    (253) 566-5713  Ext. 2178
    Beth Edwards
    Counselor for Students (H-N)
    (253) 566-5713  Ext. 2177
    Lisa Marsh
    Counselor for Students (O-Z)
    (253) 566-5713  Ext. 2176
    Michael Tompkins
    College & Career Counselor
    (253) 566-5710  Ext. 2103

    The Guidance & Counseling Center is located in the Student Services area of the main office.  The office is open to students and parents Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  If you need to schedule a new student appointment, please call Laurel Lindberg at 566-5713.  You can also access student Registion information online by clicking HERE.

    The Guidance & Counseling services are complemented by those provided in our College & Career Center as part of a comprehensive guidance and counseling program offered to CHS students and families. 

    Specific opportunities sponsored by the Guidance & Counseling Center are announced in the Daily Bulletin, special newsletters posted in classrooms, the College & Career Center, and bulletin boards located in the cafeteria foyer. This written information is also available to families upon request.

    Our services include:


    • College & Career planning

    Conflict mediation

    • Credit retrieval

    • Graduation credit checks

    • Letters of recommendation

    • New student enrollment

    • Parent information nights

    • Parent-teacher conferences

    • Post-secondary planning

    • Registration and scheduling

    • Running Start

    • Test score interpretation

    • Transcripts of coursework