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    2018 Update:  Curtis teams placed 3rd, 9th, and 12th overall at the Seattle Central regional tournament Saturday, 3/3/2018. We advanced two teams to the state tournament in Cheney, Washington on April 14th, 2018.
    Our teams placed 11th and 18th and we earned medals in 7 of the 26 different events.  Medalists were:
    Nathan Schremser and Steven Le: 1st place, Optics 
    Jason Chinn and Tia Pham: 2nd place, Chemistry Lab
    Rachel Nunes and Samantha Owings: 3rd place, Mousetrap Vehicle
    Andrew Kim and Shawn Kim: 3rd place, Interrogating the Brain (neuroscience) 
    Kaya Bramble, and Dorothy Mwita: 4th place, Game On (coding) 
    Erica Webb, Carly Martinez, and Kaya Bramble: 5th place, Experimental Design
    Jason Xie and Grace Kim: 5th place, Microbe Mission 
    This was a great finish to a fantastic tournament season, and coaches Mrs. Goodnight and Mr. Stephens look forward to a stellar season next year.
    Seattle Central 3.3.2018
    CHS at 2018 State
    Science Olympiad is a regional, state, and national science competition in which school-based teams of up to fifteen students compete in twenty three events across various science fields. In previous years, Curtis High School students prepared for and competed in events spanning fields such as astronomy, anatomy, chemistry, entomology, geology, physics, and mechanical engineering. In addition, our students competed in several building events, constructing such items as a hovercraft, a robotic arm, and an award-winning electric vehicle. The Science Olympiad program is a wonderful opportunity to involve students in all disciplines of science and continue their learning well beyond that of the classroom.  A detailed description of our club may be found here.  A promotional video can be found here.
    Advisors:  Nicholas Stephens   Email: nstephens@upsd83.org , Tess Goodnight, tgoodnight@upsd83.org
    Officers: 2017-2018
         President:  Lilyan Lauzon 
         Secretary:  Rachel Nunes  
         Treasurer:  Erica Webb
    Officers: 2018-2019
         President:  Rachel Nunes
         Secretary:   Maya Bramble
         Treasurer:  Jason Chinn
    Meetings:  Mondays after school (2:15 to 4:00) in room 411
    Registration:  Sign up for events using this Google Form.  Block information and event summaries can be found here.
    Raisbeck Aviation Invitational (Seattle, WA):  12/02/2017
    Curtis High School Invitational Tournament (Here!):  01/13/2018
    Camas (or Bothell) High School Invitational Tournament:  2/03/2018
    Regional Tournament: Seattle Central College 3/3/2018
    State Competition (Eastern Washington University, Cheney, WA): 4/14/2018 (we leave 4/13)
    More information:  
    Washington Science Olympiad Homepage:  http://washingtonscienceolympiad.com/index.html
    National Science Olympiad Homepage:  http://www.soinc.org/